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Republican Education Spending and the Charter School Issue

During all of this DeVos discussion, I was thinking it odd that there hasn’t been more talk of abolishing the Department of Education. After all, the big issue of Federal funds for localized charter schools could easily be turned in to an argument for returning power to individual states. I hear Republicans jabber about state’s rights all the time.

But then, I recalled something I heard Charlotte Iserbyt talking about years ago. Basically, she laid out the correct argument against Fed funding of charter schools. It’s not about the notion that this funding would take money away from public schools, it’s because the shadow government types that promote the idea do so as a means to gain control over the private education system in the same way they have with public schools.

Ryan McMaken points out that the Republicans are in no way looking to get rid of the DOE and, in fact, they are in the habit of more spending…

So, we’re now again in a period of GOP control of both Congress and the White House. If recent history is any guide, we should brace ourselves for massive increases in departmental spending.

Given the fact that President Trump’s agenda appears to primarily be composed of large increases in government spending and government power, we have no reason to expect otherwise.

I didn’t include a source link for the Charlotte Isebyt stuff because if you do a quick search of her you will find a ton of items where she speaks out about charter schools. I will leave you with this quote from last July about potential Secretary of Education candidates…it’s interesting.

Here is a list of persons, and anyone associated with them, at any time, that we would NOT want to have considered:

Any former Secretaries of Education, such as Senator Lamar Alexander, William Riley, or William Bennett; Chester Finn, John Ayers, former Vice President of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching (CFAT) and brother of “building bomber Bill Ayers”, Tony Wagner, Tom Vander Ark, Lee Shulman, former President of the CFAT, et al, or any person associated with their work, or tax-exempt foundation (such as Heritage, Carnegie/Rockefeller/Ford, et al, or corporation…Gates et al), or corporate head…

…We want a Secretary of Education who will return our schools to traditional academics run by elected school boards and teachers trained in true academics, not performance-based Skinnerian animal training techniques necessary for taking their servile place in the global economy to spin off profits for the global elite. We want our public schools returned to their pre-1965 Elementary and Secondary Education Act excellence. We agree with C.S. Lewis that when training beats education, civilization dies.

Mom update

We went to Mom’s follow-up Dr. appointment today. One of the issues we have is she has almost no useful memory of her past medical history. The Doc has not yet received her records from California either. Last week, he ordered pretty extensive blood work to gain some knowledge. Anyway, her numbers were all great…spot on. It’s an indication that the meds are working when taken regularly (the general opinion is that she probably was forgetting to take some previous to the fall/stroke incident.)

So, we celebrated by getting a Little Caesar’s pizza on the way home. She seemed to like it. It’s not a favorite pizza joint of mine but, I will say that this one had a proper amount of sauce. For some reason, places around here go light on the sauce…so, what you end up with is basically a bad grilled cheese sandwich.

The Dr. also recommended that she keeps sketching…

Some Questions

If you are an atheist, how can you justify embracing the State?

If you are a socialist, how can you justify Native American land ownership?

If you are religious, how can you justify continued killing in the name of Patriotism?

If you are an anarchist, a libertarian or, liberal (in the classic sense), can you be on the Trump bandwagon?

If you are a Beatles fan, how can you oppose Laissaez-faire?…a little joke.