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John McLaughlin minus the cosmic hoo-ha


Getting ready to fix some lunch right now before more digging and I am listening to John McLaughlin’s tribute album to Bill Evans, “Time Remembered”. It’s gorgeous as I’m sure you would suspect.

As I’d never listened to this before, I decided to quickly look it up and find out a little about it. One of the first things I came upon is this hilarious 1993 review by David Hajdu in, of all places, Entertainment Weekly…

“If you hear the name John McLaughlin and think of quirkily entertaining middle- age conservatism, you’re…well, right on the money. Seventies head-trip guitarist McLaughlin has matured into an engaging classicist, applying his newly disciplined virtuosity to the reflective chamber jazz of pianist- composer Bill Evans. None of that cosmic hoo-ha; this guitar guru has finally found the God of the Details in Time Remembered: John McLaughlin Plays Bill Evans. B+”

I’ll let you form your own opinion.




Current Project

Hand tilling a vegetable garden. Not doing it by hand to prove a point or live like a pioneer…no power tiller available.


…still plenty of digging left to go.

Zappa: Which record got you hooked?

I was listening to Dweezil Zappa on the WTF podcast. Both interviews are well worth the time if you’re a Zappa fan.

In the first interview, there is a point where Dweezil asks Maron which album was the one that got him hooked, which one made you want to hear more of this. I got to thinking about that…for me, the first one I heard was a bad cassette copy of Just Another Band From L.A. That one didn’t really get me…maybe because of the Flo and Eddie presence. The first one I bought was Sheik Yerbouti and I became aware of it via the jokey songs but, I was intrigued by the cleverness, production and musicianship. Not too long after that, I picked up Hot Rats at a used record store. That…is the one that got me hooked. Rats has all of the basic architecture.





The Threatening Eroticism of the Tuba

The name of this Rene Magritte painting is “Threatening Weather”…


…and the title puzzled me for a while. Not much inherently threatening about a wicker chair. A naked torso is weird but, I guess that could go either way. However, if a tuba was part of your forecast…well, you might feel threatened.

The National Galleries of Scotland say…

“‘Threatening Weather’ was painted during the summer of 1929 while Magritte was staying with Dalí near Cadaqués, in Spain. This painting is a perfect example of Magritte’s use of familiar objects in an unexpected manner. The three objects float like clouds over the sea, in a way that suggests the scene is both natural and unnatural. They bear all the hallmarks of a dream image, both unsettling and erotic.”