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John McLaughlin minus the cosmic hoo-ha


Getting ready to fix some lunch right now before more digging and I am listening to John McLaughlin’s tribute album to Bill Evans, “Time Remembered”. It’s gorgeous as I’m sure you would suspect.

As I’d never listened to this before, I decided to quickly look it up and find out a little about it. One of the first things I came upon is this hilarious 1993 review by David Hajdu in, of all places, Entertainment Weekly…

“If you hear the name John McLaughlin and think of quirkily entertaining middle- age conservatism, you’re…well, right on the money. Seventies head-trip guitarist McLaughlin has matured into an engaging classicist, applying his newly disciplined virtuosity to the reflective chamber jazz of pianist- composer Bill Evans. None of that cosmic hoo-ha; this guitar guru has finally found the God of the Details in Time Remembered: John McLaughlin Plays Bill Evans. B+”

I’ll let you form your own opinion.




Current Project

Hand tilling a vegetable garden. Not doing it by hand to prove a point or live like a pioneer…no power tiller available.


…still plenty of digging left to go.

Decentralize Dough

“Simplicity in a system tends to increase that system’s efficiency. Because less can go wrong with fewer parts, less will. Complexity in a system tends to increase that system’s inefficiency; the greater the number of variables, the greater the probability of those variables clashing, and in turn, the greater the potential for conflict and disarray. Because more can go wrong, more will…

…Decentralized systems are the quintessential patrons of simplicity. They allow complexity to rise to a level at which it is sustainable, and no higher.” – L.K. Samuels


Interstate 75 is a couple miles from the house. You can hear the trucks rumble day and night. I often wonder, where are they going – what are they hauling? How much of this Interstate commerce is necessity?

On the way home one night, I passed one of these big rigs and noticed the sign on the door that said it was hauling “Frozen Bakery Supplies”…dough…a big truck full of frozen dough.

Dough is basic. The act of making dough can be traced to the very beginnings of civilization. There are infinite variations but, always simple ingredients. Dough can be made anywhere. If you, yourself, don’t know how to make dough, I guarantee someone within short walking distance does and they can show you.

Somehow, we’ve become a society that sees fit to haul dough around…from some centrally located dough foundry to your big box retailer’s bakery where it’s transformed in to bland, uniform treats.


After all, fresh dough is better. Locally made dough would employ local dough makers who would take pride in producing a fundamental commodity for the community. It would save fuel and leave a much smaller carbon footprint.

Let’s Decentralize Dough.