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Random poem, three years past

A freight train lumbers through the low land
Breaks the silence otherwise
A figure moving through the shadows
Makes his way up to the rise

I have known that man from childhood
A truly dark and tattered soul
He’s lost all a man can live for
Now he walks the night alone

Leaves and feathers on the ground
Grab your partner, swing around
Everyone will have their say
Every night will have its way

The left and right do have common ground; socialism

I can’t tell you how tired I am of people defending the “left” or right”. It is a falsity. Butler Shaffer is a sage. New essay:
How Socialism Killed Both the Left and the Right

Whether one viewed socialism from the Left – as a utopian ideal – or from the Right – as an international force for evil – was relatively insignificant to either wing of the state bird of prey. What mattered to members of each crowd was that this doctrine could be exploited to mobilize popular support for their respective ambitions to have unrestrained state power over their neighbors. If socialism lost its appeal whether as a dream or a nightmare, new icons could be invented: isn’t this what intellectuals are for? To those on the Left, individuals leaving their carbon footprints in the world can make life itself a threat to be overcome by the most detailed of regulations. To those on the Right, lists of “endless enemies” can easily be concocted to justify the expenditure of trillions of dollars to enrich weapons manufacturers and others who profit handsomely at the trough of the war system.