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Is this the worst of what we are?

I watched a good deal of the Ford/Kavanaugh hearing yesterday.

And so today is a day that makes feel glad I am not on social media. The idea of being bombarded by beliefs and opinions, insults and accusations, and snide jokes and derogations from people, especially those I know and like, would indeed cause me to think that this is the worst of what we are.

My basic take away is that, if someone that did not have a previous political/tribal affiliation, loyalty and influence were to watch Mrs. Ford’s testimony, they would think her believable.
But, the same person under the same conditions would view Mr. Kavanaugh’s testimony and reach the same opinion.

The culture is set up for partisanship, for tribalism. I have a gut feeling that going forward, fewer people are going to fall for it.

Is this the worst of what we are? No, not by a long shot. As a society, we have done and continue to do worse every day.

And, I’ve got to say that, if appointing a judge, one single mere human, carries the dire consequences that are advertised then, it is just another sign that the system we have in place is deeply flawed. And of course, the system can be changed…

the death of intelligence

Today is the day that the Kavanaugh circus is going to hit full tilt boogie. I really don’t know how to feel about it…no best case scenario. The TV news reminds me of the Anita Hill hearings so many years ago. I must admit that I haven’t thought about that in longer than I remember. I suppose that’s evidence that the train just rolls on.

And so we are down to “He said, She said” (although the number of accusers grows so now it’s “He said, She, She, She, She and She said”) which is another way of saying you’re left with the choice of who to believe.

Belief is the death of intelligence. As soon as one believes a doctrine of any sort, or assumes certitude, one stops thinking about that aspect of existence.

Robert Anton Wilson

The age of musical reason

From what I understand, there is a good deal of research that reveals that most people’s musical tastes are formed in their early teens (here is an article citing such).

When I was 14, I was really in to stuff like Skynyrd, Ted Nugent, Queen, Thin Lizzy, Pink Floyd…stuff I can’t bear to listen to for more than a couple of minutes these days.

When I do sit down and listen, I’m most likely to seek out something I haven’t heard before even if it’s not new music.

So anyway…I’ll be posting some new music myself soon and hopefully, pick up the pace on the recording process.