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Had to take Mom to the optometrist yesterday.

She got called back for the exam and Jasper and I went over to a little waiting area that had two rows of four chairs each facing each other. Well, the boy proceeded to make the whole space his space…putting his jacket on one chair, magazines and books on most of the others and insisted on sitting across from me. I was trying to explain to him that others may be coming along and he would need to show courtesy in that event.

Pretty soon, a married couple, I’m guessing in their early 30s, maybe late 20s came through the door and we started tidying up knowing that they would be needing to sit. This duo got done with their business at the front desk and while they were walking towards us, they both were grabbing for their phones. They sat, about 15 minutes before they respectively were called for their exams, staring at their phones, determinedly not making eye contact with each or anybody else.

Next up another married couple came in (I later learned they were both in their 80s), sat right next to me and they were all delighted to engage with a four year old little maniac. I mean to tell you that they were having a hoot with Jasper. In between entertaining the boy, they talked of their 14 grandchildren and eight great grandchildren, church, going to the gym, how their house was down the street from a “beer hall” and they sometimes had drunks show up in their yard, their vacations in Florida….it was a nice, polite way to pass the time.

I had to wonder what it will be like for the first couple sitting in a waiting room 50 years from now…what is that going to be like?