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I watched a good deal of the Ford/Kavanaugh hearing yesterday.

And so today is a day that makes feel glad I am not on social media. The idea of being bombarded by beliefs and opinions, insults and accusations, and snide jokes and derogations from people, especially those I know and like, would indeed cause me to think that this is the worst of what we are.

My basic take away is that, if someone that did not have a previous political/tribal affiliation, loyalty and influence were to watch Mrs. Ford’s testimony, they would think her believable.
But, the same person under the same conditions would view Mr. Kavanaugh’s testimony and reach the same opinion.

The culture is set up for partisanship, for tribalism. I have a gut feeling that going forward, fewer people are going to fall for it.

Is this the worst of what we are? No, not by a long shot. As a society, we have done and continue to do worse every day.

And, I’ve got to say that, if appointing a judge, one single mere human, carries the dire consequences that are advertised then, it is just another sign that the system we have in place is deeply flawed. And of course, the system can be changed…