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I had the press conference on in the background…it was a microcosm of how I feel about him.

I perked up when he said something about how the media “work for special interests that profit from a broken system”. But then, he blurted that thing about winning the biggest electoral landslide since Reagan.

The media has been a cockup for a long time. But then he spews these awkward, rambling untruths that I can’t stomach.

I remember during the campaign when he talked about severing ties to the Globalist Movement and I thought, “Damn, sounds like something Ron Paul would say”. Then, two days later he’s meeting with Kissinger.

I’ll tell you this: the press is pissed off. At first it was all a joke. Then, when Trump won, they were mad and confused. Now they are smoking from the ears pissed off.

All I can see is things becoming more divisive. Trump supporters are right this minute high fiving and buying rounds of shots. The corporate press will use dwindling resources to take the guy down. In essence, it can and will…get uglier.