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I was listening to Dweezil Zappa on the WTF podcast. Both interviews are well worth the time if you’re a Zappa fan.

In the first interview, there is a point where Dweezil asks Maron which album was the one that got him hooked, which one made you want to hear more of this. I got to thinking about that…for me, the first one I heard was a bad cassette copy of Just Another Band From L.A. That one didn’t really get me…maybe because of the Flo and Eddie presence. The first one I bought was Sheik Yerbouti and I became aware of it via the jokey songs but, I was intrigued by the cleverness, production and musicianship. Not too long after that, I picked up Hot Rats at a used record store. That…is the one that got me hooked. Rats has all of the basic architecture.