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Circular Logic

Circular Logic

A little jam here. Loops I put together on the Akai Force and some improv. I like to practice over this kind of progression that moves in ascending thirds: C Maj7 (Lydian)/ E Maj7 (Lydian)/ G7. So, it’s a minor third move on the last chord.

Art By Committee?

I listen to a lot of newly released music.

As a consumer, I find that I really enjoy Spotify and having so much access to new stuff is one big reason.

I feel that there is a shift away from collaboration in music. Maybe that’s just me thinking that way; I don’t know.

I do know however, that the technology allows for endless options as far as composing, arranging and editing music. So, an individual can produce a purely individual artistic vision and release it to the public. Most of it goes unnoticed…of coarse.

I think that popular culture is dominated by games, advertising and film; all almost (to me) unfathomably collaborative pursuits. None of that stuff hits home with me these days and I think, partly because it’s produced by committee at every step.

Is art by committee even possible? Or, is it just product that’s done that way?


I have decided to actually use this site to record some thoughts, updates etc.
Social media is a drag.

I’ve spent a lot of time during the past couple of years trying to build a presence on YouTube, Instagram and even Tik Tok. It’s not bad, I think, to pursue such ends but, at this point; not so much for me.

I’ve been steadily writing and recording new stuff; it’s my vocation. Dale Wiley used to call folks like me “lifers”.

Not so many lifers anymore. Music is an occupation to few, hobby to zillions. Change – progress. I like saying progress with a long o sound…pro-gress.

A few months back I ran in to a younger fellow at the park that started a conversation and he asked “What do you do?” After a mind stumble, I replied “I’m a musician”. He looked baffled, perplexed, gobsmacked. He said this: “I’ve always respected the knowledge and talent it takes to produce music but, I just don’t really care for it at all.” I’d never really heard anybody say that out loud. Makes me wonder how many more like that are out there.

I actually have a gig on the schedule in a few weeks; playing bass for some guys I know that are an old school cover band. We’ve rehearsed once so far. It was the first time in maybe five years that I’ve been in a room with people playing music. Many many moons since I’ve played bass in a band…lifer stuff.

Anyway, like I said, I’m going to start posting here regularly. If anybody is out there, feel free to chime in, say hi, shoot the breeze.